See How They Run

Director Bridget Calvert

What a fun evening – we thoroughly enjoyed seeing this play again, and felt the cast also liked performing it, which in turn gives more to the audience.


The set was well thought out, and everything worked well, which is often difficult on a small stage, but I felt the cast utilised the set well.  Props were good and the set was dressed nicely.


The ladies costumes were very good looking, particularly Ida’s, but I had a problem with some of the gents, who were not very well turned out or smart.  It’s a case of making sure everything is worn correctly, as being well turned out enhances the look and feel of the production.


Tammy Calvert created a very amusing and memorable Ida, she projected well, with many telling facial expressions, and gave her dialogue plenty of meaning, making the most of the comic opportunities.


Sabina Jackson as Penelope Toop, the actress turned vicar’s wife, again had excellent diction, and good expression, I liked her performance very much.


Leo Morawski as the Intruder, did very well for his first production, he spoke a little quickly at first, but slowed down as he got into the part, and gave the part plenty of menace and intent.  Just a little more reaction when he was arrested would have rounded off the character nicely.


Stephen Parry gave us an interesting vicar, who obviously had a slightly racy side, having married an actress rather than a spinster from the village!  He coped well with the problems coming at him from all sides and showed an understanding of the part.


Chris Fletcher played Clive Winton, actor turned soldier.  There were some nice comic moments, and he disappeared behind the settee very well.  I would have liked him to speak a little louder, as there were occasions some of the lib was lost.


Miss Skillon, the nosey and interfering village spinster, was nicely played by Vicky Cox, who coped very well with being knocked out twice by mistake by Penelope, and gave a credible performance as a slightly squiffy lady.


Malcolm Calvert gave the Bishop a very authoritative air, and certainly looked the part, he also became suitably bemused at all the comings and goings. I enjoyed his interpretation of the part.


The Reverend Humphrey, as played by Mike Ramsdale also gave the impression of being confused by everything that was going on – which was good.  Again he projected well.


The final cast member was Ivor Mitchelmore, who played Sergeant Towers, he looked very smart in his MP uniform, and I enjoyed the way he played the part.


There was a voice over from Netty Batchelor as Willie Briggs, which slotted into the action well.


I though the rushing round of the men when they were chasing each other was well done, as was the business conducted around the cupboard – all well thought out and achieved.


So overall a really fun evening, which the audience obviously enjoyed.


Reviewed - May 2016

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