A Murder is Announced

Director - Jean Smy

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much at the theatre.


Yes, at the theatre, because that is what the “school hall” at The Square Methodist Church was transformed into for the Drama Circle’s performance of Agatha Christie’s play.


From the opening bars of my favourite TV version of Miss Marple, I was hooked. Tammy looked every bit the elegant lady of the manor and Vicky put on another superb performance as the dotty, slightly irritating Miss Bunny.


When Bridget appeared as Miss Marple, it seemed as though the role had been made for her, and as Tammy said to me afterwards, “From now on, Mum IS Miss Marple!” There were strong performances all round and it amused me to see Graham Matthews “coming out of retirement” to play Inspector Craddock’s assistant (he is an ex-policeman).


It was heart warming to see mother, father and daughter (Bridget, Malcolm and Tammy) holding the stage alone in some scenes, even if one of them was a murderer! I almost forgot to mention Sabina Jackson as Mitzi, the Hungarian Maid, whose performance was crucial to creating the tension on stage. As the play progressed, whenever she appeared on stage I found myself waiting for the next outburst. She was wholly credible in the role and maintained her Eastern European accent throughout the play.


One of my work colleagues came to see the play and brought a couple of friends along too. As usual in such situations, I was slightly apprehensive about whether they would enjoy an amateur performance and whether the play would run smoothly. I can only say how proud I felt, yet again, to be associated with the Square Drama Circle. Thank you for a delightful evening.



Review by Ivor J. Mitchelmore - 2013

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