How To book your tickets



Booking your tickets is easy!


Follow the links below to book your tickets. 



Calling the box office: (01582) 527459



Alternatively, you can email;




All tickets booked via calling or emailing the box office will reserve your seats, however, tickets that have been paid for will secure your seats.   





Q. Do you accept payment over the phone?


A. Unfortunately, we cannot accept card payments over the phone or at the venue, you can, however, pay by card online via the ticket source links below. 



Q. I'd like to reserve tickets, does this guarantee seats?


A. If reserving tickets in advance, this can be done via the box office either by email or phone, which provisionally allocates seats to you until payment is received. 



Q. I've bought tickets online, however, something has come up. Can I get a refund?


A. Yes, you have up to 24 hours before the performance date to notify us of a change so a refund can be made, and the tickets can be released back on sale. 



Q. Do you accept any discount or gift cards?


A. As we are an amateur dramatics society, at present we do not have the facility to accept external discount or gift cards. However, for some productions, we will be providing our discount codes for any promotional offers.


Q. If I book tickets online do I need to provide a printed version of the tickets or can I bring an electronic version on a phone or tablet.


A. You do not need to provide a printed copy of your tickets, however, we advise you to download and save the document to your device to ensure that you are able to access them at the venue.



Q. I have reserved tickets for the performance but I only have a booking reference. Do I need to bring any additional Identification with me?


A. We would advise that you bring a form of I.D. with you so as we can ensure that we are giving the tickets to the right people.



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